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Tips for Smart and Safe Business Travel for Women

By NearByYou 7 months ago Holiday

Women nowadays travel often and all over the world. Most people are able to properly balance their career and personal lives. According to statistics, about half of all business travelers are women, a...

Best Resorts Near Mumbai

By NearByYou 1 year ago Holiday

When we think about vacation, our minds usually wander towards beaches and mountains but one cannot overlook the unexplored potential of India’s own city of Mumbai. With its innovative architecture a...

List of 6 Best Hill Stations Near Pune: A Vacationer's Dream

By NearByYou 1 year ago Hills Stations

There is no better way to escape the scorching heat and pollution in Pune than to take a day-long trip to Lonavala or Khandala and spend some quality time in the fresh and fragrant air. Though there a...

10 Most beautiful hill stations near Mumbai

By NearByYou 1 year ago Hills Stations

Hills are a thing of wonder. The very mention of hills takes you away from reality and whisk you off to an imaginary world, where all that matters is getting lost in places with beautiful landscapes...