Tips for Smart and Safe Business Travel for Women


Tips for Smart and Safe Business Travel for Women

By NearByYou 7 months ago Holiday

Women nowadays travel often and all over the world. Most people are able to properly balance their career and personal lives. According to statistics, about half of all business travelers are women, and the figure is growing by the day. Traveling on short notice necessitates being prepared and organized. Be wise and plan ahead of time.

1. Keep a list of babysitters on hand who are prepared to help out, even overnight if necessary. Keep a little book nearby where you may note down information like what the kids eat, their routines, key phone numbers, likes and dislikes, as well as doctor's numbers and a list of medications, including known allergies.

2. Always keep a travel bag packed and ready to leave. Pack a variety of garments that will keep you warm regardless of the weather at your destination. On excursions, wear dark hues that are easier to keep. They are stain-resistant, wrinkle-free, and drape nicely.

3. Eat light and prepared foods whenever possible; avoid raw salads, water, and ice. It is advisable to eat before a flight and to attempt to sleep throughout the flight. You will be more rejuvenated when you reach your destination this way. Drink plenty of bottled water when traveling.

4. Make a plan to contact home at times that are convenient for you and your loved ones. Make a point of getting souvenirs for your family members, as well as the babysitter and those who will be filling in for you while you are gone. It demonstrates that you care.

5. Always put a "do not disturb" sign on your hotel door, and if you're anxious, put a chair under the doorknob as they do in movies. Maintain a fully charged mobile phone at all times and carry protection in the form of pepper spray, an alarm, or, if trained and licensed, a small firearm with its safety on. Most localities provide training programs for women to learn how to defend themselves and what to do in an emergency. Make an effort to attend these.

6. Stay away from dark alleys and deserted highways. Never chat to strangers or take food or drink from strangers. Never leave food or drink unattended when traveling. Maintain constant vigilance.

7. Select a hotel with caution. Choose to stay in well-established hotels or modest inns and B&Bs run by families. Always e-mail or fax details of your lodging and travel plans to both your home and workplace.

8. Always wear a money belt around your waist to hold crucial documents, money, traveler's checks, and your passport.

9. Act confidently and walk in groups; there is always safety in numbers.

10. If you are ill, go to a government-run hospital. Never, ever go to a private clinic.

11. Never travel with valuables such as jewelry, and always keep a tiny flashlight and medical kit on hand.

12. Arrange with your family to take proper measures if you do not contact them as scheduled for safety concerns.

Eat in the hotel restaurant rather than ordering room service. Also, never divulge any information about your origins or travel intentions to anyone.

If you are diligent and wise, you will be able to travel frequently and securely.



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