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Nearbyyou is a business directory and listing portal that provides features. We offer business owners, who wish to promote their small businesses or want to list them as a new directory site, a simple way to submit and get listed on our website. Whether you are looking for retailers, restaurants, real estate or plumbers nearbyyou are the place to find them all. The website has a comprehensive listing of businesses in more than 30 states with over one million business listings and counting.

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1. Click on Post listing 2. Select Your Category and load form 3. Fill all required details and creat is only available in India

Yes, it's not completely free. But it's not that expensive and the service offers so much value, that it's a bargain by comparison.

NearbyYou is a service that provides information about products, services, and businesses in your area. You can search for products or businesses using the NearbyYou app. NearbyYou is available in 30+ States.

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